Thursday, 19 June 2008


Children. Gotta love 'em.

Priests do. Globalisation does. Starving Africans on the telly and in the newspapers seem to. But nobody, absolutely nobody seems to love their children more than the parents in China and India.

Because in these places, little children are potential money spinners. Little money spinners that get to spend many a happy hour making garments for upmarket retailers in Europe and the US. And the kids love it so much that they work seven days a week, their loyalty and dedication being rewarded with a kickass (literally and figuratively) average daily earning of 10p. Yep, those are tears of happiness... I swear.

But, as with all good things, theres always someone that wants to ruin the party for everybody else. Yep, those pesky human rights folk have recently been turning their attention to this family values building enterprise and have made no secret of their displeasure. Apparently, a factory is no place for a ten year old child. Who knew? Instead, these children should be free. Like the children in Europe, they say.

Yes, these children should be allowed to be just that... children. No child should be working in filthy factories when they could instead be drinking dirt-cheap cider outside convenience stores, smoking hand-rolled cigarettes, directing "happy slap" videos, bullying each other, committing murder, vandalising private property, abusing drugs, knifing each other or getting abortions.



Jen said...


I grew up as slave labor here in the south and no one once spoke to me about any money. They said I should be happy to help my family and that hard work never hurt anyone.

But you say the little tikes are being given money?

I just hope when I have children they never hear about this. It will be the down fall of our society as we know it. Whats the point of giving birth if you have to pay the little buggers when they finally get old enough to be useful?

Jenn said...

Dude, I want my son to be in the factory murdering the people who work there while smoking a cigarette. I want him to have the best of both worlds!! I love my booboo.

Forzavryheid said...

Give him a whip instead, get those clothes to the High Street in record time!! : D